Not truly dead until I am, but might as well be dead now…

I am very sorry to announce that RK development is now on a state of indefinite hold.

It seems that Microsoft Windows 10 deleted the project files, and after I found the backups, they were also deleted.
There's no prompt, and they are not sent to quarantine.
This is a "feature" of Microsoft Windows 10, and can not be turned off.
By agreeing to their EULA or ToS, you agree that Microsoft software can do whatever they want with your files without any further consent from you.

This also means I will not be developing anything for the forseeable future.
Wasted money on licensing code for use in my game… Apologies to anyone who wished to see the game…

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That is awful. I hope you're getting acquainted with a comfortable Linux environment.

Nope. Since I mainly use windows, a vast majority of my software, be it a game or work software, won't run on anything else.

But I could've sworn I posted an update about finding some backups hiding away… maybe it was only mentioned in the Discord…

However, the PCs are still dead, or might as well be.